Free 3Musketeers and really cheap Simply Lemonade and Special K bars!

This is where couponing gets interesting.
Compare coupons to sales.
Print off coupons when they are really good coupons (i.e. $0.75 cents off 1 item versus the old standard $0.50 cents off 2 that shows up around sale time), even if an item isn’t on sale.
Save that coupon until there’s a deal to be had…And don’t settle.

Disclaimer at bottom of post:

Deal 1:
I have had a $0.50 cent off coupon for 2 3Musketeers for several weeks now. I printed this off Southernsavers convinced me to print it- apparently somewhere had a sale on it to get it free a few weeks ago, but not here in Asheville.
Last week the sale at Harris Teeter was 2 for $3… well that wasn’t free, and I don’t ‘need’ a 3musketeers bar so badly I’ll pay for it.
This week, though, I noticed the price was down to 5 for $5 plus Buy 1 Get 1 free! Bingo. This made them 50cents each. So I picked up my 4 bars, used my $0.50 cent off 2 coupons I had printed off, which btw double at Harris Teeter, and purchased (which I will most likely donate to someone who actually eats these) and paid the $0.07 tax for them! I meekly asked if my credit card would work, because I don’t carry change around.
$4 at register
B1G1 made it $2 instead
2 $0.50 coupons doubled to take $2 off
Tax $0.07

Deal 2:
Simply Lemonade 30cents per 64 fluid oz bottle!
I noticed there were some deals to be had on the stock up deal page for Harris Teeter. If you bought a certain amount of thing, you got a pretty good deal. I had set aside Simply Lemonade coupons waiting for a really good deal. I refuse to pay more than $1.50 for juice or drinks for the kids or the family. Just sit around waiting for the deal to get sweet. And because Simply Lemonade is actually not a ‘juice’, it wasn’t even worth a $1 to purchase. My kids can drink water before I spend $1 on all that sugar.
However, with birthday parties, etc… I’ve just been holding out. Last week and even this week Target and even Harris Teeter taunted their pricing that if I used my $0.75 coupons, I’d get them for $1.25. Too much.
Yesterday, I noticed Harris Teeter had them for $1.80 per bottle if you bought 5. Yes 5! So I looked, and low and behold, I had 5 $0.75 off coupons I had printed like 2 and 3 weeks ago. Harris teeter regularly doubles coupons up to $0.99, so I purchased my 5 Lemonades for $0.30 cents a piece!
Now my fridge is too full!

Deal 3:
Special K protein bars, berry bars, etc only $0.30 each.
Harris Teeter is also running a special, 5 boxes for $10. I have 6 $0.75 off Special K bars, brownies, berry bars, protein bars, snack bars coupons that I printed out 2-3 weeks ago.
Each box $2
Coupon $0.75 doubles to $1.50 off
Ibotta had a deal if you bought 2 boxes of berry bars, $1 back, Split 5 ways is another .20 off each.
Total: $0.30 per bar!

Disclaimer: My deals posted here were redeemed at Harris Teeter. If you have these coupons listed below already printed, you can get them too! However, if you don’t, the prices will be different. I don’t think these coupons are able to be printed right now unless any have reset. Most of these coupons were printed off and did not come in the paper.


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