Harris Teeter trip #3- $20.35

2 things about today.
First, I think I’ve maxed out my current coupons and deals I’ll get unless some online coupons reset or good ones are in the paper tomorrow.
Second, today was a good day of deals due to just having an evic card- evic members got a free bag of the new Nabisco Pita Crackers and HT hotdog and hamburger buns were only $0.77 each! (Bonus here is IBOTTA has a $1 rebate on these Nabisco Pita Crackers- so not only did  I pay nothing for them in store, but I got a $1 rebate as well!)

So here’s the deals I got.  Again, some of these coupons may no longer be available or you may need to have from your newspaper coupons.

Birdseye frozen vegetables- Again, Free with their B1G1 promo and the $1 coupon from the paper (I think these came from the Friday paper that was accidently thrown on my lawn- it was odd)
Panera Coffee– $1.99 after the $2 doubled coupon from the $5.99 cost
Uncle Ben’s Rice (89014 zip)- Free after the $1 doubled coupon off 2 Uncle ben’s rice
Fruitables coupon here or Here– $1.89 each after the doubled $1 off 2 coupon (This isn’t an AMAZING price but we can use these, and this is a pretty great price)  You may still have a $1.50 coupon from the paper which would make this $1.39 (I don’t have this coupon any longer)
Hormel Bacon– $1.55 after the $1 coupon doubled off 1- Center cut bacon on sale B1G1 making it around $3.60 pre-coupon each.
Herdez Salsa– 2 were free, 1 was $0.90 using 2 $1 Sauce coupons and 1 $0.55 Salsa coupon.
Purex Power Clean- $0.50 after I found a $1.50 coupon from a clipping from the paper for this product.  It was on sale for $3.50.
Oxyclean– $0.49 with $2 Oxyclean laundry product coupon that I had from clipping in the newspaper.  However the linked coupon will get it for you at $1.49.

Guys, right now my cabinets are so full, but with 2 kids and a husband, and packing lunches regularly, as well as game day snacks for teams they are on, we go through this stuff. So while it may seem I’m overstocking- it gets used, it may take several months…


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