Glass Slipper Challenge Training: Final Weeks

I can’t believe we’ve made it to this point.  2 weeks out from going to Disney World and running my first half marathon of 2016.  But this is not just any half, this is the Glass Slipper Challenge, meaning we run 6 miles on Saturday and turn around and run 13.1 miles on Sunday morning.
2 mornings of waking at 3am for a race.
3 long days at the parks in Disney World as a family vacation. Wow.  So excited.
Running as a part of Teaching learning Collaborative Charity as well!  As I was able to raise a good amount of $ for this Charity, thanks to Chipotle!


Then rushing home to get back to work and real life.

So training… we’ve had hiccups in our training.  It didn’t go as expected.  Between family emergencies, vacations, Blizzards, and sickness, the month of December got us behind.  But we got crazy running on ice…20160124_150214and back on track!


This weekend, starting today, is 5 miles today, and 12.5miles tomorrow.
We have goals in sight… (btw we get all 3 of the middle medals for running this :))princess-half-marathon-medals-3

Outfits are picked out.


Between dressing like Ursula, Ariel, Cinderella, and Pocohontas, we are getting there!

Then the release of the Corrals!  For those who don’t know, you are placed by your speed in a submitted 10k or half marathon in the last 1.5yrs.  So looks like Corral D for us!
2016 Disney Corrals

Corrals are key.  The earlier  your corral, the less chance of hiccups on the run, as 25000 runners are signed up for this, later corrals are at risk of slow downs in the castle, and definitely not a chance of getting swept.


So Good luck Princesses!  This is going to be a fun next 2 weeks in preparation!




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