Running on Steam and Dreams…

Driving to Kiawah Island, I’m thinking this is a week I’ve been anticipating for approximately 2 months. Really more like 5 months when I signed up for this! If training was anything like it was when I ran the Shamrock Half on the flat Virginia Beach course when I was less than a minute off from a PR in the cold wind blowing rain, surely I could officially PR on this flat course 6 months later… But more so when I got my diagnosis my dreams, plans, goals were temporarily interrupted and shattered. But I couldn’t let my mind believe that. My heart needed to lead this.

Each treatment has been similar but different. The way the meds have affected me have been the same mostly… but This past week I was determined to have energy for tomorrow. I had to find the right concoction of crazy this week to reach my goals.

I still can’t tell you that what I did worked, or maybe it is just the hand of God over me and helping me achieve my goals. I’ve gone into this week knowing I wouldn’t do my best. I am ok with that. I just want to have enough energy to get through it!

In preparation, on the day of Chemo I had an amazing friend and parent Jenn come do Reiki on me at Chemo. I didn’t do this on my 2nd treatment and I had fatigue forever that next week.
Saturday morning I walked and jogged a little in the Jingle Bell 5k in downtown Asheville.  Having the boys with me made it easier to do more walking and force me to keep it slow.  I just wanted to get my blood flowing to clear the poisons faster.


Other than the Black Mountain Christmas parade that afternoon, after an amazing chili and baked potato dinner, thanks to the Guice’s, and I passed out on the couch while the kids watched a movie.

On Sunday after church my mom had set me an appointment for acupuncture. This was something I tried at both 2nd and 3rd treatment weeks. First time ever. Not too painful. More of an opportunity to rest I’ve found. So either its helping, or I’m paying for a quiet room with needles stuck in my hands, feet, and forehead to sleep for 30-45 minutes….ha.
Group Reiki was sent to me on Sunday as well (Jenn told me this on Wednesday night as she was teaching a class on this in Cincinnati that weekend). I had a huge burst of energy on Sunday afternoon that I had not experienced in the prior 2 treatments. Usually on Sunday I could spend most of the day in bed after my brain is fogged up all morning and spinning slowly its episodes of vertigo… but when Chasity (in representation of the girl’s basketball team) showed up with food, I was not sure why I was so awake. Although not long after I did get tired again and took advantage of an early bedtime that night again.

Monday and Tuesday my brain just moves slowly- that fatigue just drains you. Monday was worse- no need to add anything extra to my plate. But Tuesday… I have no idea how I was able to stay as awake as I did through the basketball game. It was a good one. But in the past on Tuesday after my eyes needed to be pried open I was so tired. But not this go around.

The worst part this go around has been the nausea. I didn’t have much the last 2 treatments. I didn’t take any meds for it this go around either. Afraid of how it would make me feel. I tried to control it with water and food. But eating a big lunch and picking through dinner. Its not improved much until today really. But food tastes have been icky- bacon, smoky flavors, spicy just burns my tongue. Bland noodles, etc sounds amazing. I requested beefaroni last night. Conrad said it tasted sweet… who knows. That taste bud isn’t working right now. I tasted the blandness of the noodles, the mild seasoning of the beef and cheese and it made me happy. Citrus makes me happy as well. Plain water is just eh. Gotta chug it down though.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.



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