Stick with a plan

This is a short post.

Just a thought, but have you ever noticed the people who have a new thing to sell every 6 months to a year or so? They seem to be the ones to buy into something new to replace the old thing. But its the newest best thing. Why did they quit the old thing? Does it make you lose your trust in them because the old thing that they promoted so hard is just not doing it anymore? Or maybe it never did?

I have seen some super lucky people who were able to get in on a MLM company and do well from the get go because they were company starters. But many don’t do so amazingly and its just a side business that essentially gets them a discount on the product they enjoy.

Think about how consistent a person is with their message with that specific product. Why do we keep looking at something new?

My honest opinion is that pretty much most of these products are so similar to each other. Research is often not done by 3rd parties- or there is intention behind it (ie they are promoting their own product). Why is one more popular than another? Maybe the person who sells it is very influential… or all their friends are followers? I’m not sure. But it seems like people are always searching for that product that will work. Just pick one and stick with it. Find the groove that makes it work.

And perhaps if its not working, you’re expecting too much magic from it…

Evaluate what you are really looking for in a product … is it healthy foods? Is it weight loss? Is it better skin? Shockingly, most people would tell you that you were gorgeous/beautiful/amazing without any of these things. So make a plan that is doable- that does require work- that you can know you worked to get those results.


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