EF Tours European Quartet : Brussels

Day 4 of our trip…

We were supposed to be leaving at 7am to make it for a Belgium Chocolate making workshop; however due to a situation with our bus driver going over on his hours the day before, we had to leave 2 hours later. We thought the chocolate factory would work us in however once we arrived in Brussels We were informed that they could not accomodate us at a later time .

We were enamored with the church of Saint Catherine and paid 1 euro to walk through the catacombs. This place looked amazing.

A few blocks of a walk and we were at the Grand Palace. This large square has amazing detail to the buildings, exquisite with gold trim and detail. On the edges of this area are many good spots. Walk down 1 street for good options with a Mediteranean flair. There were seafood, burgers, Iranian, Lebanese…

After lunch, We walked the streets, grabbed waffles covered in chocolate and creme or whatever you wanted. We walked over to Mr. Pis…The iconic symbol of Belgium. Sadly he was not dressed (I know, disappointing right?? Lol). We shopped souvenirs and saw art, We had a friendly competition to see who could capture the most murals on photos on their cameras. We started the fun on the scooters around town. They had the same ones like big cities in the USA have like Lime and Bird and Tier and Bolt. Tier had a special pass deal for 5 euros for 100 minutes.

Before a trip to the first grocery Store in Europe ( Del Haze)…Dinner was an amazing Fafalel wrap with mediterranean chicken.Yum..My favorite EF dinner yet.

Oh and Yes we have seen other EF tour groups. There is a large group from Iowa here and they eat dinner just before us each day. Their group was delayed by plane on the first day so missed a few hours…so those things happen.

We made it to our hotel. It was a different brand. Also small, and limited A/C. However the staff were super nice and in our triple room, there was a bunk bed and 2 singles pushed together. each bed had its Own light and USB outlets as well as the travel outlets.

Overall Brussels was a lot in a small space. Concentrated entertainment;)

Off to Paris!


Mr. Pis

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