Easy First Hike- Parkway Visitor’s Center

I’ll warn you, my children are good hikers. We started them young and I don’t let them complain much about it. Shucks, we just hiked 7.65miles roundtrip up to Walker’s knob (1847ft climb) just a week ago!

For those looking for an easy first hike in Asheville, I recommend the trail that starts at the back of the Parkway Visitor’s Center. It’s the MTS (Mountains to Sea) trail- and it is a 1 mile loop that has slight inclines and declines and a well worn path. It runs by the parkway but all in the woods. Beware of the Poison Ivy. And it does cross the parkway at a busy junction, so be prepared for that. There’s a little trail helper brochure for kids to identify objects along the trail. My boys loved this. They kept asking ‘Mom, have you seen a spider web?’ or ‘Mom, we need help finding a bird’.

To increase your mileage, either do the loop multiple times.



  1. This is great! We want to start hiking more. We were thinking about looking into the Rim Hikes after the summer. Your blog will be great for us to see local places to hike!! Thanks!


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