Deal today- Free Colgate Toothpaste

You should NEVER pay for Toothpaste!

There are multiple ways to stock up on it for minimal to no cost over the course of the year. I have around 9-10 full sized tubes of multiple brands in my drawer.
No, I’m not the extremist, but once I run out of space to store them, I just stop buying until I’m almost out again. I tend to find certain deals are more plentiful during certain times of the year.

CVS is usually the way I get my free toothpaste. They are constantly running deals where you pay $3 for a tube, but get $2 ECB (Extra Care Bucks) back, then you use a coupon from the paper that has likely spit out a $1 off coupon in the last few weeks for you to use… makes it free.

However today’s deal comes from BiLo using their 50 cent coupon off Colgate that was in the paper.
BiLo has certain Colgate tubes of toothpaste for only $1 through Tuesday, June 2nd. That coupon doubles to make that tube free!

BiLo does double coupons up to 60cents all the time… limits you to 4 of a similar coupon in the same order. You don’t have to spend a certain amount of money to be permitted to double coupons either.


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