Harris Teeter Super Doubles!

Just wanted to say tomorrow (Wednesday) starts super doubles at Harris Teeter.
What does that mean?
All coupons up to $2 in value double.  Combine  with sales, ecoupons, IBotta means a lot of free to very cheap stuff to stock up on from the grocery store.

Start looking through your coupons now for any up to a two dollar value (sorry those that say ‘do not double’ on them won’t double’ and look on coupons.com for the same.  Southern Savers list a lot of good matchups between coupons and deals.
Remember you can only double 20 coupons in the same day on your evic card.
Some stores are strict about no more than 3 of the same coupon can be used in the same transaction.

good luck and now that I’ve let you in on the tip don’t go stealing all my deals 😉


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