Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip 1…Cost $4!

Using coupons today I went to Harris Teeter for Trip 1. My goal of trip 1 is usually to get as much free stuff as possible because that’s what will go first and run out at the store. I may find these in a couple days. I had laid out my coupons last night and scoured for anything I needed and had a $2 or less coupon per item. I also scoured Southern Savers for suggestions.
All of these items get used in our house frequently, so they were all perfect. I used 20 coupons, and will go back tomorrow and use another 20 if the items are still there.

I do have 2 computers in my house, so I am able to print up to 2 of each coupon off of each computer from online sites.

If you are wary of the coupon software, feel free to use it, then remove it from your computer as often as you need to.

I did also use Ibotta to get $1.20 in rebates back on the Pasta and 7th Generation Dish Soap.  So technically I spent less than $3.

Here’s where I got all my coupons (tip: Use 89014 as Zipcode in most of the coupons.com or couponsurfer.com sites… it prints 3 coupons per page…):

Land o Lakes Butter– The whipped butter is $2 per canister. 50 cent coupon makes it $1.
I Can’t believe it’s not butter $2 per canister- HT took my $1 off coupon that expired mid-month that was from the paper. Made it free.
Pop Secret Popcorn– it’s B2G3 Free this week. At $3.49 per box, you pay $7 for 5 boxes before coupons. I was able to use 4 PopSecret coupons, making this free.
Ortega– These are $0.95 each. Coupon is $1 off 2, makes the seasoning mixes free.
Domino’s sugar (use Zipcode 06607)- Sale price $.99. This coupon is $0.75 off 2, makes the boxes $0.25 each.
Oxyclean– Not on sale, but $4.49 for spray. Used $2 off laundry product coupon from paper- made it $0.49
7th Generation dish soap- On sale for $2.50. Used $1 coupon from paper. Then Ibotta gave me $1 for it.
Barilla Pasta (use zip 89014)- Barilla on sale at $1.50 per box. Coupon is $0.75 of each, this makes them free.
Uncle Ben’s (use zip 89014)- Sale price is $1 each. Use coupon $1 off 2 boxes. Makes them free.
Panera Coffee- On sale for $5.99. Used $2 coupon off 1. Makes it $1.99
SoftSoap- On sale for $1. Used $1 coupon from the paper. Made it free.
Pantene- not on sale- $3.79 per bottle. But $2 coupon on Pantene product coupon makes them free. There’s also an ecoupon that you can use and a $2 off 2 coupon that will make it free.

Good luck! Some of these coupons are available for a short time, so if you don’t grab them now, you may miss them.


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