A Princess for a Charity

Officially I am signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge with the Children’s Network Princess Half Marathon RunDisney Race on February 20-21st, 2016.
Through a chain of events, I have decided to run for a charity.
I chose the Teaching and Learning Collaborative, as it pushes education. (BTW they do still have bibs if anyone missed registration day on July 14th!)  This is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide innovative, high-quality professional development in mathematics, science, and technology for Pk-12 Educators.  Through its coalition of school districts, organizations, businesses, and government agencies, TLC works at a variety of levels, from the classroom to the state level, to ensure that all students have access to quality education in science and mathematics.  You can find their facebook page here.

This is not my first Disney Princess Race.  This past February 2015 I ran the Princess half Marathon and enjoyed the luxury of being a Princess for a weekend.  It does leave you feeling this way:)

My goal for this charity is to raise $942 by December 31st!
(And yes I did have to pay full price for my entry into the race as well)
Next Wednesday I’ll kick off my Fundraising…since July 22, 2015 is Pi Approximation Day! I’ll start posting how to help me then! If you want to leave comments on ideas of how you could help someone raise pi (3.14) $… I’ll take ideas too 🙂

My travel agent, Brandy, is supporting my charity as well in donation. If anyone is looking for a Disney Travel Agent, complete this form so she can offer you her great Disney deals as she is a Disney Travel Agent 

I’m a ‘control’ personality, however I have learned that letting a good travel agent take the wheel, they take the stress off of you and search for the best deals available for you. Especially at Disney when there are not a lot of deals to be had. And a plus, there are often no additional fees.
I recommend letting one help you have a stress free vacation!



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