Harris Teeter Deals 9/9-9/15 my style


I usually wait for super doubles and triple coupons at Harris Teeters to stock up, but sometimes you can just make deals happen.

I’m trying to make an effort once a month to take advantage of certain brands that post deals through Savingstar and usually b e-vic coupons once a month in rotation… but are only good for 1 use per month before they renew.  These items are usually the Old Elpaso, Yoplait, Bisquick, LaraBar…

So my primary reason for going this time was because I noticed Starbucks had a great deal on their coffee… and there was an awesome coupon to match up.  I’m not, much of a coffee-snob, but I couldn’t turn away a $4 bag of coffee from Starbucks.

While there, I was able to use a lot of my recently printed coupons to stock up on some other great deals!

My total purchase was $19.88.  Between Savingstar.com and Ibotta, I’ll get approximately $4.25 in rebates back between Savingstar and Ibotta.  Making my total around $15.

Make sure click your evic and your Savingstar coupons prior to your visit as well.  I got $3.25 in e-vic coupons credited to my bill as coupons!   If you  haven’t signed up with either, make sure go to http://www.savingstar.com and sign up at Harris Teeter with your evic card.  Both also have phone apps you can set up (this makes my life much easier when I make a last minute decision to shop and want to make sure all my mobile coupons are set.

And don’t forget you’ll only be able to get 1 rebate back at SavingStar and E-vic each- so if you buy multiples of items, they will only rebate you on one of the items- so don’t expect 3 $.50 rebates off of 3 boxes of granola bars from SavingStar- you will get only 1 rebate off 1 box per month.  Same with e-vic.

When you go to print these, almost all (except Starbucks) were printable under the 28711 zipcode, so I would recommend clicking all of these at once before printing so you’re printing 3 to a page and saving paper!  And remember the system is set up to only allow 2 coupons to print per computer.  If you have more computers in your house, you can print more.

Starbucks:  On sale for $5.97 for e-vic members (max 2 bag purchase at that price)… use coupon here for $2/1.  Make sure at least one is the ‘Fall’ version and use your Ibotta App to get another $1 back!
Thomas Mini-Bagels (unpictured)- no coupons, but B1G1 at $2 each
Birdseye Frozen vegetables (unpictured)- Priced at $2.69 B1G1 so $1.35 each.  I had $1/1 coupon from paper.
Yoplait Yogurt– 10ct- On sale 10 for $5.  Evic coupon $1/10 automatic.  Printable coupon $1/10.  $1/10 on SavingStar makes these $0.20 after all rebates.
Pillsbury Cake mix- $1.27 each on sale. Use printable coupon $1/1 Simply Pillsbury (may not be available any longer…)
Duncan Hines Cake mixes- $1.25 each on sale.  Use printable coupon for $.75/2– makes them $.50 each.
Hungry Jack Syrup– $1.99 each, use $0.55 coupon that doubles to make it $.90.
Nature Valley Granola Bar– Not on sale at all!  $2.69 regular price.  Use $0.75 coupon printable that will double to $1.50 at register.  Then e-vic gives you $.50 at register, and Savingstar will give you $.50 in rebate back. This equals $0.09 for 1 box of your favorite Nature Valley Granola bars!
Motts Fruit Snacks– On sale 2/$3.  So I used my $.50 coupon printable (doubles to $1 off), plus e-vic and Savingstar both are giving back $.50 off.  This makes these $.50 per box.
Bisquick– On sale 2/$3 for the small boxes. I bought 2 small boxes.  The coupons indicate they just have to be 10 oz and up, the small boxes are larger, so use $.50 coupon off 1 (I used 2 coupons)  plus e-vic and Savingstar both are giving back $.50 off.  This makes these $.50 per box.
Old Elpaso Taco Bowls- $1.99 each.  I bought 3.  I used 3 $0.75 off coupons making them each $.50 each ($1.50 total)  Then Saving Star and evic were both offering another $.75 off 1 (gives me $.75 at each- totaling $1.50)  This essentially made all 3 free.
Old Elpaso 18ct Taco Shells- on sale for $1.34 each.  Used 3 of my $.75 off coupons, which each double and essentially make these free.
International Delight Creamer– Vanilla Macchiato- larger size- the deal you’ll see promoted is for the smaller versions that are on sale, but this flavor was on clearance (no worries- the expiration date was in January)- $1.50 each.  Using 2 of my $.45 printable coupons, This made them $.60 each!

Good luck!


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