2016 Disney Princess Half Marathon/Glass Slipper Challenge Training- Week 5 (4miles)

Started off the morning today with my 3.1 mile run in the drizzle with my pup 🙂
She loves this stuff!

We had downpours yesterday, but luckily our side of town was not hit as hard as others.  Running in the drizzle actually felt great!  Cools you off.  And never let the weather affect your running plans unless its dangerous (lightning, etc).  The cross country coach here says ‘The first step out the door is the hardest’ when it rains.

More importantly though, Friday, my running/training partner and I Jenny got our 4 miles in!  We were under a 10min/mile pace, and that included some stop and walk at a couple junctures.  I say that to show that you can get great time and still use a Galloway-type plan.  We ran 2 quick miles in under 19 minutes, walked 1:30, then ran a mile, walked 1:30 then finished our 4 miles.  Still under 4 miles.  Its possible.  We’ll push that out to 2 miles between each stop as we lengthen, but just shows these Galloway plans don’t slow you down.

Nonetheless, the goal for our training plan was that by today, October 4, 2015, we had hit 4 miles, and we did.

For those who are established at 3 miles, its not too late to jump into my training plan.  Its so gradual and mileage is still so low you could jump in without much catch-up.  Just don’t forget to get a few other shorter runs in during the week to keep your legs going.

Princess Training


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