Princess Half Marathon/Glass Slipper Challenge Training Week 14

Here we are, week 15 officially starts tomorrow in training!  What does that mean?  This weekend we have to run 9 miles per my schedule. So far, we’re doing great and on track.  I’d say we haven’t been as diligent as we should about how many miles we get in between, getting more like 2-3 3-4mile runs in and 1 5 miler rather than 2.

Last week we hit 8 and I was not too smart and planned it the day after the Turkey Strut 5k.  I had also run 3 miles the day before, so I was worn out.  Thankfully my running partner was kind to me in the end 🙂  We got it done!FB_IMG_1448646066498

I hear people ask when you start using fuel on your runs… I usually start when I hit 8 mile runs.  On our run, when we hit our walk interval at the 6 mile mark, we pulled out the energy gel and Gatorade GU out and started it.  Each person responds differently to these fuels, so find the right one for you.  Some prefer the sports beans, some prefer other brands.  The key is finding the one that works for you and that works with your digestive system.  You don’t want to be in a race and need a potty before the port a potties start. I found that the brand I used (not GU) this past run did not give me the energy the GU usually gives me, so I won’t try that again.

At this point in training for the Glass Slipper Challenge, its time to start preparing your body to run back to back days.  This weekend we will have to run 2 miles the day before we run 9.  Not a huge deal, but enough to slowly prep our bodies for the 6/13 race.

If anyone is looking for bibs for this race still, I do know TLC Run for Pi does still have some Challenge and 10k bibs left.  You just have to raise so much $ for them.  Let me know if you need to connect with them.

Below is the game plan.  It’s interesting to watch different people at different places and paces in their training.  Some are bumping up a mile a week, some don’t plan to hit 13 before the race at all… this plan below should prove to get you ready and not tax the joints too much!

Princess Training


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