There are always lots of stories people share about the after effects.  My goal is to be young and bring my strength into this portion.

I was up early Friday morning- day after treatment.  Kids getting ready for school. I wasn’t too tired.  Hung around the house, got some work done.  Took a walk around the block.

20161021_103932 Focused on getting my 3 quarts of water into me.  Mildly groggy but not bad.  Even drove up to the clinic.  Still doped up on Decadron steroids helped a lot.  Came home and changed and left for the school.

I had lots of help scheduled to be present to keep me sane and as a back up.  I was tired, but being around school and work perked my spirits and made me feel good.  I need my normalcy.
My Neulasta shot (immunity booster) was supposed to go off around 7:20pm… right when I would be walking one of the seniors out for Senior night.  My friends were ready and prepared to make me sit still while this injection was happening.   I never heard or felt a thing, but by the end of the night it was empty.

My wonderful Football team had created a few surprises for me ,including handing me pink roses on their way onto the field as well as letting me lead them through the banner to the sidelines.  They are such great kids and coaches!

No bouts of nausea until halftime.  My awesome co-workers were on target to make sure if I started feeling bad they could guide me.   I got a little nausea around halftime so I opted for the ativan – but I made a mistake- I took a whole one instead of a half.  So over the night I got more and more loopy.  Mistake.  From now on, only half pills will be available for me.


So far today, I’ve taken care of my athletes this morning with some concussion return to play activities and made it to Ian’s soccer game.  I even did a little jogging at the school while it was still a little sunny.

Took Ian to his soccer game at 1:30pm… Mid-Day got a little sleepy.  Got Daniel to his soccer game ok and back home.   A little Zofran to try out with a little nausea that presented that evening.  I think I handled that much better.  So far I’ve been blessed to only take that hit in the late evenings.

Thinking about getting some pink hair asap.  The NP told me that if I wanted to ever do anything crazy to my hair, now was the time to do it.  Why not.

Trying to hold off on running until mid- next week.  Thinking that will be good timing for it!

I would love to be in church this morning.  But I’m still a little groggy.  Not sure I should be driving too far…  But as I read:  Acts 3:16…It is the name of Jesus which, through faith in him, has brought back the strength of this one whom you see here…that has restored this one to health.

I plan to get out and move more today.  Staying on top of the prevention of symptoms meds… Hoping I’m on the upswing today…

Thankful for the continuous love and support that is being offered to me!



  1. Crystal,
    I am so proud of you!! Having been through a similar situation with my daughter, I can understand some of what you are going through. Thank you for sharing your experience. Sending you hugs and prayers.
    Kathy Presnell

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