As the haze slowly lifts, my days are slowly returning to normal.  More tired than normal, but better.  I’m finishing day 5 post Chemo at this point.  Tomorrow the Doctor will run labs and tell me how I am doing in regards to my side effects.  Luckily I get 2 more weeks before it restarts.  Rumor has it that it could be as good, better, or worse- but the tiredness will stay cumulative and grow.

I am learning more and more how blessed I am.  Blessed to be surrounded by people who love me.  People who support me.  I didn’t even realize it!

My sunshine outside


Upon returning to work, I found the haze was manageable, and the air outside was fresh and relieving.  Smiles on faces and interactions were helpful.  Friendly reminders to drink my water, or that it was ok to be tired, were helpful.

Work Staff Goes Pink


Friends willing to offer to bring meals (even freezer meals- which is awesome)
Family willing to come visit at a moments notice or attend appointments
Best Friends sending me uplifting verses throughout the weekend

Coworkers offering to help…and often
Silly jokes from my athletes randomly throughout the day.
The entire office staff at clinic wearing Pink under their scrubs for me on a specific day
Soccer team donning pink socks while their parents wear pink shirts at the soccer game and giving me pink Roses.
Football Team giving me roses and walking me out on Senior night
Offers to fix up my hair as it changes in these next few weeks
The amazing random gifts I’ve received to make this easier to tolerate- nice hats, books, angels, headbands, Ginger ale, even gifts to keep my kids entertained!

Sweet gifts


But topping it off was a beautiful song played for me that reminded me of why I still praise God through this crazy disease…

But I will sing about your strength My God and I will celebrate because of your love.  You are my fortress.  My place of protection in times of trouble.  Psalms 59:16


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  1. Praying for you daily Crystal. So sorry you are having to go through all of this but I have no doubt who is in control and He will carry you through and protect you and your family. If you need anything please don’t hesitate. Sharon

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