Treatment #4 complete

I’m over the hump!  Past the halfway point of the poisoning of my body with this Chemo.  Many are starting to ask about what happens after February 2nd?  Well, about a month out from the last Chemo, I should be having a lumpectomy.  Well that’s the plan so far.  And I believe I’ll go through around 6 weeks of daily 15 minute radiation treatments.  I continue on one of the Chemo meds every 3 weeks until I have reached a full year of Herceptin.  Luckily this med should not have the side effects as some of the other 3 I’m on… namely Taxotere.  I will also be placed on a hormone inhibiting med- Tamoxifen for 10 years.  Early menopause for me.

Treatment yesterday was easy in-there for what felt like forever- 6 hours!  They don’t call the pharmacy until I arrive to send over the Perjeta, due to the fact its so expensive and it has be in my body within so much time from the time its mixed.  So they wait until I’m all connected before calling them to bring it.  My wonderful father attended with me today.  His first visit to the hope Cancer Center.  Jenn came that morning to do my Reiki treatment.  It worked so well last time we’re gonna see what we can do to make #4 go well as well!


My friend Jenny came by for a little after the Benadryl had started to kick in while the Taxotere was going in.  So it was hard keeping track of what I was trying to say at any given time…lol.  Glad she was prepared for that.  After she left I closed my eyes and dosed off during the final Carboplatin med.

Quick trip to the store for something to wear to the work Christmas party.  I couldn’t find what I really wanted but was happy with what I walked out with.
The work party was great.  Lots of food, Great people all relaxed, and I even got a special dance with one of my favorite Docs!


Just a little tired through the day.  I made it to the end of the day and dosed off on the couch while starting this blog.

This morning my taste buds taste a little funny and I’m tired now that its mid-day.  A little nausea today, not bad.  Just icky.  The kids are playing in the other room and I’m waiting for Conrad to get home from his 8 mile run.  My legs would be too heavy to try that this week.  I was proud of my 3 miles Wednesday and 2 miles yesterday morning before treatment.  Walking around the grocery store today for an hour was good for my legs :).


I’ll probably sleep a lot through Christmas this weekend, but that’s ok.  I’m prepared for that.  The mornings are usually better than the afternoons.

I’ve been blessed this week.  Friends, coworkers, and students…




On a positive note, my drs appt on Wednesday led to a midway US check of the tumor and they could not even see it anymore!  Treatment is working!  Praise God!

Thanks for reading this far!


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