2016 in Review- Runwithboys style

I am not a year in review kinda gal.  I actually was working on another project, sifting through pictures in my google pics when I started reminiscing.  As I looked through the pictures, I thought, darn, I had a pretty good year.  But it was a little tarnished in the end.  But, like any scar, it just builds character, right?

I find that its been an interesting year.  Maybe to others, the way its ended has not been the best ever… I find that I did accomplish a lot this year.  And learned a lot this year.  May have not been what I expected from start to finish…

The year started out in the snow.  It was a great snow!  We had enough to trapse through up to the golf course and do some good sledding.  The kids did it for days.  We had so much fun hitting bumps and seeing how far we could go.  Ian may have even sustained a mild concussion on one of them- I had to do my due-diligence to keep him off the slopes after that.  The kids loved it and we did our fair share of sledding.  And I got to see the Biltmore Estate during the snow.  That was gorgeous.

I ran 4 half-marathons this year!  3 of them with my hubby. And one was the Glass Slipper Challenge at Disney.  And I almost PRed in the 3rd one in Virginia Beach on Flat ground… I was within a minute of my fastest time.  But no dice.  Guess I’ll try again.  But Conrad did!  Twice.  The 4th was after my 3rd chemo treatment, so nowhere close to my PR, but I completed it and ran most of it!

I just ran a lot of races including the weekend of races at the beginning of June!  That was fun because the 1st 2 were team races- The Chamber Challenge, then The Mud Run, and the 3rd was a kids 5k for the school fundraiser .  I was part of the 2nd place women’s team for the Chamber Challenge (thankful to the fast girls on my team- not I). Completed the Royal Trifecta Challenge for the Biltmore Estate Races for the 2nd year in a row.  Gorgeous medal for that!  Completed my first Spartan as well!

I spent a lot of time with my Brother in Law.  He hasn’t been in NC much in the last many years and we’ve drawn him in this year and he loves the hiking!  I even got him to run his first 5k… and 2nd!  Nevermind that he’s 1.5feet taller than me and can lap me in my sleep.

The first time I was ever able and allowed to watch a live birth.  Yay for 4th children!  My sister was amazing!


I was given a job to place a cast (several casts) on a character in a movie filmed in WNC.  Who does that?  So watch out for the movie 3 Billboards in Ebbing in 2017.  When you see the character with a cast on – I did that 🙂


Spent time at the beach!  Finally learned how to ride a kayak, and quality family time!

Went to Disney World!  All the fun in the world with the family!  And friends.  Ran a few races, ate well…quality time!  And yes- I did do pushups for that toy soldier.  He counted them out for me.

Spent time with my bestest of friends!  Between 4th of July, Beach time, Prom, Biltmore Estate, Shopping, etc  I spent meaningful time with friends and enjoyed every bit of it.  And even became part of the Biltmore Wine Club while I was at it!

Spent time with my sisters!  Something I haven’t done a lot of in the last several years, but for several reasons it worked out that we had time for this.

A week in Baltimore, MD was fun for work!  Between seeing old friends, spending quality time with current friends, exploring new places…and learning new things.

And related to work- I got to see and have some of the best students to work with me from the College and High school setting both!

I ate a lot of ice cream. And some cupcakes… Kilwins saw us a lot this year.

Spent the year helping with idaphe events and as an ambassador for the Asheville Half marathon for 2016 and 2017.  This was a blessing all around as everyone I’ve worked with there I’ve loved.  Great event coordinator and runs a great program.  Hoping to keep my energy up and do it again!

Learned a lot about myself as a bad medical diagnosis came upon me.  While going through Chemo was not how I ever imagined something I’d experience at the start of the year, it was sure how I was going to end it.  But the Lord has kept me strong.  I have found peace in 1st Peter 1.  So much strength there.  I have found so much comfort in the massive amount of support I’ve received and the outpouring of love.  I never imagined the people who would come out for me.
I’ve been blessed that I haven’t had it as bad as many who go through this.  Or I haven’t perceived it to be as bad at least.  I’ve been able to keep active, although not to the extent I was prior.  I know prayers from others have helped me with this!  It is a period of my life that will improve and although I’m sure I’ll be changed to an extent, I will get past this.  And in 2017, I hope to conquer my health back as close to as normal as I can!

In the end- it wasn’t a bad year.  It was an exciting year, a learning year, and year of interruption.  One that has taught me a lot about myself and hopefully makes me stronger in the end.  Can only bring me closer to God.



  1. Wow, Crystal! You have had an amazing year! Like you said, it all hasn’t been what you expected, but it has definitely given you and others whose lives you touch, another perspective. One of gratefulness, love and strength. You are truly an inspiration. Happy New Year to you, my sweet BFF! 2017 will be even more amazing! 😘

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  2. Crystal, my beloved cousin..I love you for the strength and perseverance that you have had through all of this. You are a true inspiration and I see you beating this in 2017. I love you immensely!!!
    I truly believe that God will cure us both and beat this thing they call cancer…I have not blogged about my year and I guess I should have, because it let’s you see just what you have been through and what you have accomplished all year long! Keep up the fight as I am fighting right beside you hand n hand! Spiritually I know God is guiding us and leading us through the storm we have been going through.
    I am here if you ever want to talk..love you ..love you …love you….2017 will be our year!!

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