On to normalcy?


Thank you Thank you Thank you to all of my friends, family, co-workers, athletes/patients… you have all been blessing to me along this journey.  This journey I’m about ready to close the door on!  In this past year I have stood amazed at what support I have seen from friends, family, coworkers…

1 full year ago, I sat. I sat with my husband at my side. The nurse came in and handed me the report. The physician came in a few moments later and gave me the news.  I fought back a few tears.  Smiled best I could through the day as my athletic training room was decorated with pink ribbon, I was given a chocolate cake by one of my sweet athletes, and celebrated my 38th birthday.  Through the next year, you followed my blog to see what experiences this brought on.

I was asked recently how I was doing by a coworker.  I get asked this often.
I am great!  I’m am doing well with energy.  I am blessed.
Yes, Blessed.  Why?
Growing up in a Christian Family, knowing God was just the way things were.  You felt a comfort knowing you’d be taken care of.  But my life has always been full of the same things as everyone else.  High school, college, a few close friends, active lifestyle- working out, running, generally just healthy.  Then of course like everyone else, married with kids.  9 different moves.  A few ups and downs,  Grandparents and a few extended family members passing away, but a pretty rocky-less time in the grand scheme of things.
But I never had the opportunity to be completely covered up by God.  I had such peace.  And it just felt like he wrapped me up in his arms these last 12 months like a cocoon to get me through.  Now that I have experienced this, I only pray that each of you who go through something similar are able to allow the Holy Spirit to calm your nerves and to feel this!  Does it mean you can’t make choices to do things a certain way?  No way!  be you. But be faithful and know that God is in control.  Your body will go through the things that human bodies will experience, and you must take care of those things, but keep your heart in the right place.

Along the way, I’ve learned new hair styles!  While some women walk around with these hairstyles daily, it was hard knowing I didn’t ‘choose’ it, but I’ve embraced it.

It’s taking longer than I’d hoped to get my running (my favorite hobby) back to where it was speed and strength wise, however its something I’m constantly working at.

As I am at the end of this road that just opens back up the rest of my life, I want to help others recognize that its not so bad.  God didn’t ‘do’ this to me.  It’s life.  12.6% of women in the US will get Breast Cancer.  The National Cancer Institute states that 38.5% of men and women will get some type of cancer at some point in their life.


Now if that doesn’t just make you trust the Lord more… not sure what will…

Now I want to give back!  I was blessed by so many wonderful people through this process, I want to see others blessed.
There is a local group in WNC that supports WNC women with Breast and/or Gynecological Cancer.  Their purpose is to support the needs by the increasing # of women that are needed.


Recently A group of friends joined me at the finish line of the SuperHero 5k to raise $ for The Hope Chest.  We are hosting a end of year fundraiser/party for them as well!  So please come out and drop in for 5 minutes to the Reynolds Fire Department on 9-30-2017 between 5 and 8pm so I can thank you for your prayers.  If you see something you like while there, you can purchase ad $ will go 100% directly towards the Hope Chest.




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  1. What a blessing to meet you in NC cancer center while I was there with my Aunt.  I pray you are feeling better and trust the Lord is walking you through with a great testimony.  Bless you, Pastor Michele Perrera

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