Marathon Training…

Before I walked out the door this morning, I nursed a wound created by the shorts I wore in my Wednesday a.m. run.  Nice tender chafed spot on my inner thigh where the shorts ended.  

I took my first steps on the asphalt outside my door at 7:30 this morning, later than my usual times, tucked my phone into my belt, made sure my new audiobook was playing in my earphones as I pressed ‘start’ on my mapmyrun phone app.  I felt a twinge in my ankle, my hip, and my thigh; for a brief moment after those first few steps I wondered if this would continue or I would have to stop.  I haven’t yet quit a run due to pain since I started training for this race.  But as quickly as those pains started, they disappeared as my gait straightened out and I pushed through down the hill on my road.  I was on my way to meet my friend for part of my 8.5 mile run. 


This was my second 8.5 mile run this week.  None of my short runs are really short anymore.  I’m training for a marathon.  And trust me, its a bear.  

And now that I think about it, this is really why I have waited until 40 to let my mind convince me to run a marathon… the training!  The training plan leaves me scared that I will hurt myself with a chronic injury before I get to the start line at the Marine Corps Marathon.  

Nonetheless this is my ‘back off’ week where I was supposed to run 8.5, 12, and 8.5 miles.  I’m skipping the 12 I’ve decided.  I’ve already run 16 miles in a long run last week.  I’m not fast by any means.  Although running with my friend Michelle usually leaves me a little faster paced than when I run alone.  She, however is not training for a marathon.  But I appreciate that she comes out and does what she has time for to keep me company for part of these runs.  

My mind is in a lot of places right now.  Many times, running is what I use to focus my thoughts.  Or just listening to music and my new enjoyment of audiobooks (the library makes them free btw); however this hurricane, planning, work all has my mind jumbled and I feel like I should be home a little more. 

I’m learning to pay more attention to my body.  To figure out what I need to keep up this endurance.  I found that when I drank 64 fluid oz of fluid the day before my 16 mile run, I did feel maybe a little better than when I was not sure how hydrated I was.  I found that if I carried around a big 64 oz lemonade container that we bought at the Henderson County Apple Festival and sprinkled 1 package of my Arbonne phytosport into it for some extra minerals… that I would be more hydrated.  I believe it worked.  I find that when I never had issues needing water while half-marathon training, I definitely need water no matter how long my runs are anymore.  Even these 8.5 mile runs beg for hydration.  The other amazing thing regarding that is that in the last several half marathons I’ve run, my calves were cramping by mile 11/11.5 and not once since my 12 mile run have my calves cramped!!  So I must be doing something right.


Weight- my meds I’m currently on have caused me to gain approximately 7 lbs (all between December and June- no joke 1 lb per month… DUDE I was training for half marathons…I should be losing!).  But finally, I guess running 30+ miles in a week (7-9 hours of working out) will make someone finally drop a few lbs as I’ve lost 2 lbs in the last 2 months…unless its work related…lol.

This is the first time Conrad or I have trained for a long race in the summertime.  The summer in years past has been reserved for short runs only.  The heat and humidity has made a bigger difference than we expected, even when we start at 5am on runs.


I have learned to snack.  It’s ok.  I guess we’ve been shoving it down everyone’s throats that snacking is good for the athlete.  Well… I discovered a deal on Snickers bars at Harris Teeter… and now I’m snacking several days a week on those…lol.  Not to mention, the other runners training for the Marine Corps Marathon are talking about eating a Payday at mile 12 on their long training runs… so I suppose I should be looking for deals on those. 

The runs are long- I appreciate the fact that someone created a 3 day plan for running because I would not be able to do this more days a week as the mileage has increased.  I’m fatigued.  Early mornings are getting old.  I am intentionally finding a day a week to sleep in and recover.  Of course sleeping in is still only 7/7:30am, however that’s a big improvement from 5:15am.   Conrad and I have argued over who is getting more sleep.  Our fitbits indicate its a close call.  And neither of us are getting amazing sleep.  I suppose the next thing we should fix is getting to bed sooner…rather we fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV until the news comes on.  That’s precious time with the back of my eyelids.  And no matter how many times Conrad denies he sleeps then, he’s doing the same thing…haha.

I give God the glory that I am able to endure this training at this point in my life and with everything I’ve gone through.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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