Free Ketchup and Mustard

Using coupons, sales, and the IBOTTA App, you are getting these items free, minus the tax.

Ingles was where I did this.
20oz French’s Ketchup $1.88
20oz French’s Mustard $1.88
Total Cost: $3.76
Coupons below total: $3.80

Used 50cent coupon from paper off French’s Ketchup
Used 30cent coupon from paper off French’s Mustard
If you use the $1 coupon off buying 1 French’s Mustard and 1 French’s Ketchup, you’ll pay 60cents out of pocket for this deal.
Each coupon doubles to take a total of $1.60 cents off this sale.
IBOTTA has a $2 rebate if you buy both French’s Ketchup and French’s Mustard. There is also a 20cent generic mustard coupon in IBOTTA as well.
(Interested in using Ibotta… sign up here. )
This takes a total of $2.20.


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