Top Reasons to Run the Asheville Half/Full Marathon at the Biltmore Estate in 2018

I’ve run the Asheville half marathon on the Biltmore Estate twice now and have friends who have done the full and the half.  As an Ambassador, I obviously think you should too!  Here are some reasons why

  1.  Its not too late to sign up!  At this point, the race is 5 months away.  There is plenty time for training remaining.
    If you can run 3 miles this weekend, October 20th, and add 1 mile every 2 weeks to your long distance run, you’ll be at 13miles by race day.
    If you want to hit 13 miles 2 weeks before the race (i.e. March 2nd), then add a mile each week between October 20th (3 miles), October 27th (4m) and November 3rd (5miles), then you’ll be ready to hit 6 miles on November 17th and continue 1 mile every 2 weeks from there.  Here are other training plan ideas
  2.  Discount season tickets for the Biltmore Estate.  Do you visit the area often or live in Asheville?  Here are some benefits to having a season pass. I have not seen tickets this cheap in any other discount that Biltmore provides.  Regular season price tickets for the Biltmore Estate are $149.  In certain months, including March, Biltmore promotes their $99 season pass deal.  1-day passes cost $60 for adults.
    When you run this race, you are given a ticket to get you on site for the race.  That ticket can be redeemed that day only for a season pass costing you only $69.99 (post tax $74)!  This is over a 50% deal!
    Why would you use a season pass?  Getting your daily run in, Taking your kids to a safe place for biking, Visiting the gardens, Photo-opportunities, Waterfall, Romantic Walks,  Romantic Dinner locations, Christmas at Biltmore,  Horseback riding,  Segways, Visits to the Winery (free tastings :)), Music on the lawn on Friday/Saturday nights, July 4th Fireworks, Easter Egg Hunt, Visiting the farmyard, Hiking, Kids under 16 get in free anytime with you, After 5pm you can take anyone you stuff in your car onto the estate for free (except to the House itself), Hanging out in the hammock by the French Broad River…20150509_185048
  3.  Stimulates the senses… the gardens, the lawn, the roads are all well taken care of.  You will see a lot of beauty on this run.  As you start the run at 7am, you are running into the sunrise over the mountain, which is gorgeous.  You take a left and run past a pasture where you may see some sheep or goats being tended.  Around the corner and down the hill, you are surrounded by greenery.  Running past the Deerpark restaurant where you will get a quick splash of water and cheers from the water station… you will be challenged by the hill that goes up to the Biltmore house as it is steep, and constant over 1.5 miles, but surrounded by rhododendron and greenery.  At the 6 mile mark you reach the majestic Biltmore house and run in front of it… don’t forget to take your selfie or get someone to take a picture of you here! 20151021_111217 20150517_081658_4_bestshot 20150517_083330 20150517_082233-PANO 20150315_085054_5_bestshot
  4.  No traffic to fight – Due to the set up of the race, there is no traffic allowed onto the property before 9am unless a spectator ticket has been purchased.  Even then, all traffic is directed away from any roads being run on at the time, and the portion run after 9am for the full marathon is in areas no cars can travel.20151023_102548 20151023_103350
  5.  Great Swag– I love my racing gloves, bandana, and shirt!  Also, there is sometimes a freebie given out to anyone who purchases under an ambassador!  I have also purchase Balega socks for charity prices and Sierra Nevada gave out free beer glasses one year! glass10008602_10203086010172754_295594464_n
  6.  Run the Backyard to Backyard or Backyard to Vineyard Challenge!  You can choose to run the half and the full, or back to back half marathons!  And a free jacket or sweatshirt to commemorate that!  Previous years the half and the full were both run on Sunday morning, leaving you to pick one or the other.  Due to popularity of this type of challenge, as well as the popularity of this event to the point of selling out months before the race, this race now split to 2 days to allow more runners and the challenge as an option.
  7.  Race-cation– You can turn it into the vacation you’ve been wanting- Oh the people I talk to who want to come to Asheville, North Carolina to visit!  Why  not make this your trip- make it a race-cation!
  8.  Free massages in the stables afterwards- I took advantage of this this past year.  My shins hurt so bad at the end of the race, and so good after my leg massage.  They do take donations if you have them, but they won’t turn anyone away!

Register at

Use invite code 2019AMACRYSTAL


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