Girl Interrupted- Time to be on Fire


The power of words… how it can affect us all.

I have spent the last 2 weeks getting my body all marked up and ready for this moment. I finally start the next stage in my treatment process today… radiation. This will include 6 weeks of treatment Mon-Fri.
And yes, I am overzealous to an extent… but I am so blessed! I have been so concerned I would have to beg for the best time for me.
With my busy schedule, I didn’t know what options I would have. I was told that I may have to wait to get the schedule I wanted. That made me really nervous. But, why do I even worry? When they asked me today for a preferred time, I gave my 1:30time and they looked and noticed it was completely available! A sign God is continuously looking out for me!

My first radiation appointment today:

Prime Parking for Radiation Treatment patients (easier to zip in and out with our busy schedules),
a smock that I bring to each treatment,
quick dressing room with lockers to keep everything in,
I bring my own creams to keep radiation from burning my skin,
2-3 Radiation Therapists working with me at once to make the treatment go by quick. I walked in the door today at 1:30pm, and was back changing back into my normal clothes at 1:46pm, in my car by 1:57pm. They said 30 min from walk in-to walk out, so that was accurate.

Since surgery 7 weeks ago, I have done a 3 day biking/camping trip with my family, and returned to a semi-normal running pattern… hiking 4.5 miles last weekend with the family, this past weekend went on a 6 mile hike with friends, which was amazing…although my schedule has felt much busier. I guess that is what happens when you work full time and have doctor’s appointments that feel like your second job.
Between Radiation prep/markup appointments,
the continual Herceptin appointments every 3 weeks,
Dr appointments (remember I have 3 I have to follow-up with),
and now the added on monthly injections, which may or may not fall on the same days as another appointment…. And those injections hurt!

And hey, my hair is finally growing back!





  1. You, my cousin are a true inspitation in this journey alone! I love you and think of you constantly! As we had a couple of months difference between our diagnosis of cancer, you have been a constant and strong able body through all of this and still going. You are truly a super trooper with God by your side. HE definitely helped me through it and HE has not left your side! All the things that you have been through , you have stayed strong and not let it interrupt your life! God is good all the time, so keep praising His name and He will see through this phase of your life! Love you so much, Paula

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  2. So happy that you are nearing the end! Your hair is growing back! You are breezing through your treatments now! You are a champ! You are an inspiration to anyone else who has to go through this terrible sickness! I hope that anyone going through cancer will use your wisdom and stories for guidance and support! ❤️


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