Saving $$

I am asked often how I save $.
How do I go about my couponing…
How do I average only $250-$300/month on groceries consistently for our family of 4?

Don’t overload yourself.  Start small and as you continue, you’ll get better at it.

Beginner Starts:
1.  Get the Sunday paper delivered.  My local paper actually has said that if they run out of coupons at the Citizen-Times hub, the papers getting delivered are always stuffed first, which I learned after picking up the paper at the gas station multiple times with no coupons.
Also for locals, the Charlotte Sun has sometime better coupons and can be picked up in certain gas stations.
2.  Get some sort of coupon organizer.  Some prefer the baseball card binder method,670px-Coupon_Binder_62 I prefer 3 coupon folders separating foods, hygiene, and cleaners.
I then keep all my coupon holders in one of my 31 bags, and throw my wallet and phone into that bag when I head into the store so I’m carrying one bag in.
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3.  Create a new email for just coupons and deals.  This way if you get spam, you don’t see it daily and these sites don’t fill up your normal inbox.  I use my aim account so if I’m looking for deals, that’s where I go.  And if I miss something, it’s not as bad as missing a note from my child’s teacher.

4.  Make sure you have a ‘rewards’ or ‘card’ for any grocery stores you frequent that have them.  And make sure you’re signed up online for any that do ecoupons (Publix and Harris Teeter are 2).

5.  Find your first deal- the next time someone posts a freebie, follow their instructions and go get it.

6.  And don’t get swept into buying things you don’t need, especially at full price, just because you’re shopping.

1.Never purchase anything without a coupon unless its an amazing deal or just a store that doesn’t take coupons and has an amazing deal (Hopey and Co, Aldi, Dickies).

2.Have a ‘buy’ price.  Certain things, unless I’m in a pickle and need it no matter what, I will not purchase unless I can get at a certain price.  And usually if I find it at that price, or cheaper, I stock up.

3. When the price is way lower than you’ve ever seen it on something you use…use those coupons and stock up.  You may spend a little more on that stock up visit, but then you won’t have to buy those items for months.
You’d be surprised how long certain things will last safely.
I have a drawer of free toothpaste.
My freezer gets filled when I get butter really cheap… same with cheese.
I haven’t bought laundry detergent or toilet tissue in probably 4 months with my last stock up deal.
Pasta- 20 cents per box- I have probably 10 more boxes left.

4. Know your bargain sites.  Before purchasing anything,
-check forums at,
-see if the store you’re about to purchase online from gives you cash back at,
-look at coupon suggestions at
-click off on coupons,
-check your grocery store’s ecoupons and check them off
And when you get home…
-log receipts into Ibotta and Checkout 51 apps on your phone!


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